Miami Festival Shoot '14

River Island

A selection of work from my current freelance placement, River Island. From trend pages to homepages, I’m responsible for designing a variety of day-to-day assets for the responsive website, along with art directing future projects. Check back for my most recent work…


Burton App

With the advance of new interactive technology, Burton was keen to remain a key player in the menswear market, so I was asked to design their app. As their only designer at this time, I worked closely with the UX team to complete this challenging project, creating everything from the navigation, buttons, functionality and typeface choices. Upon completion, the app needed updating weekly, and features needed translating to this new environment.

Wild West Photoshoot

Internacionale Trends

As the Digital Design Manager at Internacionale, I was responsible for all creative content across the site. With a very minimal photography budget, I not only art directed but also sometimes photographed content for all trend features to create up-to-date content to engage the customer.

Autumn Tones

Burton’s Autumn Tones

Having spoken to buyers on various departments, it was clear that a new feature was needed to launch Burton’s AW12 collection in a more product orientated way. It was clear that there were various colour palettes that ran through the range, so we used this to form that nature of the feature, pulling out rust, burgundy, khaki, navy and neutrals as the key tones for the season. Having selected the most visually strong product, a photoshoot was art directed. The feature was then pulled together, a mobile version was of course created and the feature was pushed across social media platforms, with a great response. An accompanying email was sent out, which was picked up by top retail blog EDITD as being hugely successful.

Supersaturated - T-shirts on the beach

Supersaturated T-shirt Designs

I was approached by a new extreme sports brand from Plymouth, Supersaturated, to design their debut range of t-shirts, both for boys and girls. Working with the owner of the company, we developed some ideas that would work well for the target audience, and I developed these right up to production stage. They were then screen printed and sold online as well as in selected independent retailers in the South West.

Trail Blazers Landing Page

Burton’s Trail Blazers Feature

As we moved into AW12 there was a huge push on blazers, and the site needed a piece that would resonate with Burton’s ‘easy fashion bloke’ customer. Using ‘regular guys’ from the office, I art directed and designed this feature to show that anyone can pull off a blazer, and that it’s not only easy to wear but also extremely versatile.